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Tell me thread you like by me?


Would you also give little explanation why?


"tien is a useless character!"

did you forget that tien’s tri-beam was able to stop cell in it’s tracks

did you forget tien brought the ability to fly into the series

"yamcha is a useless character!"

did you forget yamcha was the first character to use ki attacks against goku

did you forget yamcha sprung into action and devised a plan when goku became an oozaru for the first time, and cut off goku’s tail

did you forget that while new relationships are created and new enemies come into the picture, the cast changes, but the characters are still relevant, because it’s their love and support that drove goku to train and get stronger

did you 

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:0! hi!
FMA: *Walks in like what up I live for women in tiny miniskirts*

My take on Goku


My take on Goku

Maria: Onkel Dee! Look! I can do loop-the-loops! :D *demonstrates* *it's sloppy and very wide, but she's clearly making progress*





HOLY SHIT - *ahem*

that’s. that’s really fantastic, maritan. 

Maria: :D Can you do loop-the-loops??? C:

yeaaaah. you want to see? :)

Maria: Yeah!!! :D

hehe. *jumps backwards, and up into the air*

*quickly performs two loops, much tighter and smoother than maria’s, of course* 

*lands in front of her* :D?

Have you done anything lately that I could pester you about?

D:< no.